Easy Steps to Get Wisdom Teeth Pain Relief

The condition in which tooth cannot enter the mouth fully is known as impacted. There is not enough space in the gums to accommodate the impacted tooth so the impacted tooth cannot break through and enter the gums. Around 9 from 10 people have impacted wisdom tooth. So they look for wisdom teeth pain relief.

Complications of wisdom tooth

Some complications may arise from wisdom tooth that involves;

  • Chances of developing harmful infection.
  • Harmful to adjacent teeth.
  • Developing of cysts from impacted teeth.

Wisdom teeth are capable of damaging neighboring teeth too. As it is difficult to clean the third moral area of the mouth, the wisdom teeth can get infected badly. It can cause bacterial generation leading to gums disease. When bacteria grows in mouth it has the ability to travel from mouth to blood stream thus giving birth to other harmful diseases of heart, kidneys and other body organs.

Untreated wisdom tooth can grow fluid filled cysts that are harmful for health. If cysts are not removed these can cause further damage to jaws and nerves. So it is important to treat wisdom tooth so more harmful consequences can be eliminated.

Wisdom tooth Growth

wisdom tooth in wrong angle

It is normally observed that wisdom teeth are easy to remove if the patient is young because roots are not completely developed and bone is softer. There are fewer chances of surrounding nerves getting affected. It is more difficult and complicated to remove wisdom teeth in older age.

Importance of Removing Wisdom Tooth

People believe that if wisdom tooth does not cause pain it should not be removed, as removal cause pain. Americans Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons states that either wisdom teeth cause pain or not, once its developed in mouth it must be removed because it always causes infection.

Alarming situations for wisdom tooth

  • Must be treated if cavities cannot be restored.
  • Must be treated if it becomes infectious.
  • Must be treated if it develops cysts and tumors.
  • Must be treated if it causes damage to neighboring teeth.

Removal of Wisdom Tooth

In order to cause less pain during removal some necessary steps must be followed;

  • The position of the teeth must be noted.
  • Stage of root development must be considered.
  • If tooth becomes impacted, there are expectations of patient suffering more pain.
  • It is easy to remove third morals that are likely to generate less pain.
  • Use of any form of anesthesia (including local anesthesia, intravenous sedation and general anesthesia) are avoided.

Consequences of Surgery

Some of the consequences of removal are;

  • Swelling of gums may arise after surgery. That can be removed by using proper medication.
  • Slight discomfort arising after removal. That timely discomfort can be eliminated.

In order to prevent removal of tooth, proper medical care is needed. Tooth must be cleaned properly to eliminate chances of bacterial infections. Proper flossing of teeth must be done. There is need to do proper examination of third morals regularly so any alarming signs can be foreseen. This can help in wisdom teeth pain relief.(wisdom tooth pain relief)

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