Wisdom Teeth Swelling Remedies

Wisdom Teeth Swelling

Wisdom teeth swelling, pain and discomfort are normal of the wisdom tooth extraction. Wisdom teeth are the 3rd molar and last teeth to grow. During the swelling and pain, you can’t eat solid things like carrot etc. These teeth mostly grow after the age of 21. No one can keep these teeth because of pain and discomfort; everyone should have to extract these teeth. The extraction of these teeth is also painful; you can’t eat properly two to three days after the extraction. How to get Wisdom Teeth Swelling off? follow below instructions.

Why is it necessary to pull off Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom teeth are the 3rd molar that grows after the age of 21, everyone loves his/ her smile and teeth make the smile perfect.

But the extraction of the wisdom teeth is necessary because it just increases the pain and discomfort.

After the age of 16, there left no space for the wisdom teeth in the mouth, so, when they grow they move other teeth and made their place in the mouth. This crowding of teeth is a hurting process.

The existence of these teeth can lead to the chances of oral health problems in future. That’s why people extract these teeth to avoid the long term pain.

The American Dental Association suggests the people, take a tour to the dentist before the age of 20 for the checkup of the wisdom teeth that either they are growing in proper position or not?

You can remove them with a single operation before they erupt out. This is the form of the major surgery.

Anesthesia or local anesthesia choices are used for the surgery of wisdom teeth, though it is a painful and discomfort process but it hurts less than any other process.

The recovery time of the wisdom teeth begins when these are pulled off through the operation.

Precautions After the Surgery

How to feel better after getting wisdom teeth removed? When your wisdom teeth are pulled off in the surgery, you experience the swelling and pain in that part of the mouth and sometime in the full mouth.

That portion of the mouth may bleed. You should be very careful until your mouth completely heals.

After the few hours of the operation, a blood clot develops and prevents the bleeding.

You should use liquid or soft food.

Avoid solid foods, coffee, cold drinks like coke for few days as recommended by your dentist.

According to the offices of practicing oral surgeon Dr. Joseph Arzadon of Arlington, Virginia, the recovery time of wisdom teeth is three to four days or more after surgery.

The duration of the recovery of the wisdom teeth also depends on upon how badly your teeth were impacted and how they are removed.

The wisdom teeth recovery time may take some days and have swelling, pain and discomfort for more than one week.

How to reduce wisdom teeth swelling fast? To lessen the swelling of wisdom teeth use ice cubes, eat soft foods and keep your mouth clean by using salt water.

If you don’t take care of them they infection can occur at that portion, you will feel pus discharge, severe pain or a fever. In this situation, visit your dentist immediately.

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