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Wisdom teeth also called third molar, is one of the three molars in human jaws. Wisdom tooth normally erupts in age of 17-25. Should remove this teeth? what to eat after removal treatment?

Tooth Extraction Care: Speed Recovery, Caring for Your Mouth

tooth extraction care

Proper and adequate measures are required for an extracting tooth. Without proper directions and supervision, tooth extraction can cause many complexities. In order to prevent those complexities, a sufficient dental treatment is needed that protects teeth from further damages. When the tooth is damaged or broken the dentist tries to fix the teeth with filling […]

How much Emergency Tooth Extraction is Beneficial for You

emergency tooth extraction

Having lesser number of teeth will affect person’s dietary habits and it can also deteriorate quality of life. Permanent teeth are extracted for many reasons that include; periodontal disease, orthodontic disease, impacted tooth, failure of dental treatment, for prosthetic indications, dental caries and many other reasons. Many cases may include emergency tooth extraction. A survey […]

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