After Wisdom Teeth Removal

What to do After Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Many people face teeth problems, and the ultimate solution lies in the removal of impacted teeth through a surgical process known as wisdom teeth removal. The care after removal is critical otherwise; the pain and swelling may affect the surgery that leads to further complications. Here we will discuss the necessary information; how to take care in the first hour and first few days, the diet plan and exercises that can best heal the wound.

When the wisdom tooth has been removed, the gauze pad should be placed on the affected area of the teeth. The duration of pads is usually one hour, and then these are discarded. If the bleeding continues, the dentists suggest the pads again and using some pressure. The pads must be applied until bleeding stops, and the wound starts healing gradually. Usually, the blood persists for 24-48 hours. The dentists suggest not touching the wisdom teeth and affected areas as these cause pain and swelling after removal. The touching may lead to bleeding as the wound is fresh and blood clot has just formed. If you have been prescribed mouth rinse, do after one day of the teeth removal.

Important Suggestions

Here are some important suggestions according to the dentists after wisdom teeth removal.


The very first thing to do after wisdom teeth extraction is the bed rest. The patient should be careful as any negligence may lead to swelling and bleeding. When exercising, the care should be taken, or the better way is to leave exercise for few days. When standing or sitting, the position of the affected area should be taken care of.


Swelling is a natural thing after surgery, and it never gets back until it reaches its peak and it may 3-4 days. The suggested ways to reduce swelling is using ice or ice packs on cheeks on and off during the swelling days. If the dentists have suggested you some medicine for swelling, do ensure to use that as it will be the best option.


Pain is always associated with oral surgeries. The dentists try to provide comfort to the patients before and after the removal, but the patient may face discomfort to some extent and level of pain varies over the individuals. The prescribed medicine should be used against pain and if these don’t serve the purpose, any new medication can be added with these as well.

Diet (After wisdom teeth removal food)

The first few days after wisdom teeth pulled is important and need utmost care. The patient should use light intakes that he can use with comfort. Hot and cold foods should be avoided. The first few days should not see the use of straw. The best foods are nourishing and full of nutritional elements. The hard foods must also be avoided for few days as they may affect the surgery badly. Here is the list of foods which you can eat easily.

  • Ice cream
  • Apple sauce
  • Jell-O or pudding
  • Soup
  • Yogurt
  • Mash potatoes
  • Instant oatmeal
  • Smoothies or milkshakes



It is really important to wait minimum 2 days to get smoke after your tooth removal process (Same situation for wisdom teeth extraction).

A sore throat after wisdom teeth removal

In rare cases, injured wisdom teeth might cause pain in your jaw, neck as well throat. This pain might cause sore throats and this may lead to swollen lymph glands.

How long does it take for the stitches to dissolve after wisdom teeth extraction?

The important thing to know is, Stitches will dissolve automatically, No need to remove them. You should start brushing after 4-5 days after extraction surgery. Roots will move away from the socket in the bone when the tooth is removed. The hole in the gum will be filled in 3 months latter.

Bad breath after wisdom teeth removal

You can follow these tips to get rid of bad breath after tooth extraction.

1. Take some salt water and rinse your mouth with it, it will kill bacteria and give your mouth a fresh breath.
2. Use the tongue scraper to clean your tongue, which will remove bacteria from your tongue.
3. Don’t smoke.
4. Use crunchy foods.

Additionally, the dentists tell some essential medications and instructions for the first few days after wisdom teeth removal and better deployment of medicines; advice and consultation can spare from many other problems and will heal the wound very soon. In the case of any emergency problems, the nearest dentist can be visited and consulted for advice.

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