How much Emergency Tooth Extraction is Beneficial for You

Having lesser number of teeth will affect person’s dietary habits and it can also deteriorate quality of life. Permanent teeth are extracted for many reasons that include; periodontal disease, orthodontic disease, impacted tooth, failure of dental treatment, for prosthetic indications, dental caries and many other reasons. Many cases may include emergency tooth extraction.

A survey result indicates that in Iran the main reasons for extraction are dental caries, in Japan and Singapore the reasons are mainly caries and periodontal disease. The main reason for extraction in Canada and Jordan are periodontal disease. Most of the patients whose teeth are extracted are between the ages of 20 to 50 years. Results show 9.7% of patients are 60 years older or above. The results of this study reveal that the main reasons for the extraction are caries and periodontal disease.

➧ Preparations for Emergency

common dental problems

Pretreatment health history of patients must be maintained.

Med legal implications of medical emergency must be pre stated.

 Symptoms of developing emergency situations must be recognized.

 What necessary steps should be taken for teeth extraction?

 Staff must be well trained to deal with the patient.

➧ Health Assessment

As individual grows older, chances of getting infected also increases. Older patients require more dental care as compared to young people. Patient’s history must consist of his past and present health condition.

➧ Vital Signs Evaluation

If vital signs can be pre measured than possibility of developing worse tooth condition could be determined at early stages. Vital signs include; pulse rate, body temperature, blood pressure and respirations. Chances of developing bacterial infection increase, if temperature exceeds 99.60 C. Similarly if blood pressure and pulse rate are high than chances of bacterial infection are large.

➧ Points to be considered for extraction

Is wisdom tooth removal is necessary?

The best age for tooth extraction?

Safety of surgical considerations.

How long will be the recovery process?

Will patient be able to eat after extraction?

Will patient have to face consequences after surgery?

How many times the patient needs to visit dentist for extraction?

➧ Need and Importance for Emergency tooth Extraction

Emergency tooth extraction is needed when;

  • The teeth break off at the gums line.

When the tooth breaks and it affects the gums line. In order to avoid gums injury and future consequences the tooth must be removed. The tooth may break in situations like accidents and injury etc.

  • Presence of large and curved roots.

If roots are large or curved it can affect the neighboring teeth and the gums may get injured. To avoid such conditions the tooth with curved or large roots must be removed.

  • In case of wisdom tooth.

There are chances for cavities formation on wisdom tooth or on roots of second molars. If it damages the tissue it will further complicates the condition. Wisdom teeth can also crowd the teeth by occupying space. To prevent overcrowding wisdom teeth must be removed. You may take the service of emergency teeth extraction for this.

Updated: Oct 4, 2016 — 8:06 pm


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