Zofran and Pregnancy: Can Zofran Effects Pregnancy?

Zofran and Pregnancy

If you are expecting a baby and feeling morning sickness which is also known as ‘Nausea’ then most of the doctors will suggest you take Zofran.  It belongs to the class of the 5HT3 receptor antagonists and is called anti-emetics medicine. This is very normal in pregnant women they face Nausea and vomiting during the early pregnancy. In order to prevent this condition here is a very more common treatment for severe Nausea which is Zofran. Zofran has been introduced for this morning sickness recently and in these days, you can see the good connection of Zofran and pregnancy because Zofran is very antiemetic and itself powerful.

  • What is the purpose of Zofran?

The main purpose to take Zofran is it controls vomiting and Nausea in pregnant women. Where you will see the advantages of this drug you can clearly go through the general side effects of this medicine. Inside effects, you will see women experience a headache, constipation, fever, and diarrhea.

Although the vomiting and nausea are commonly known as morning sickness but we believe you are confused with this name because these symptoms may occur any time of the day. This is not compulsory the expecting women will experience the vomiting and nausea in morning only. For the more explanation, the above-mentioned symptoms usually occur during first four to eight weeks of pregnancy and then women experience this in 13 to 14 weeks which is very common in most of expecting lady.

  • Is Zofran is helpful in Pregnancy?

Zofran and Pregnancy

Zofran and Pregnancy

Yes, Zofran is helpful during the pregnancy as it treats nausea and the vomiting which are the early symptoms usually occur during first four to eight weeks of pregnancy and then women experience this in 13 to 14 weeks which is very common in most of expecting lady. This is the fact that doctor suggests taking rest during the start of this period, but when patient mentions this to the doctor they are experiencing nausea and morning sickness and feeling upset due to these symptoms then they refer the Zofran.

They believe this is the effective way to get relief from vomiting and nausea. Zofran and pregnancy are commonly connected to each other in these days because this connection provides relaxation to the patient and pregnant women avoid doing vomiting.

  • Is Zofran safe during the Pregnancy?

The things that have advantage contain the disadvantages as well. The things that we use in equal amount give no harmful effect. But if we use them in excess then it carries disadvantages. Now let’s concentrate on Zofran side effects, the massive use of this drug is not good for the health. Because if you start taking this medicine more than 2 to 3 times in a day you will definitely experience a headache, fever and diarrhea. In order to avoid such situation, you should take a natural treatment.

You should take a few meals and snacks over the day and make it a frequent habit. Before leaving the bed in the morning, take a couple of soda crackers if this is not available then take a piece of dry toast. In other words, have smaller snacks at the bed before you are going to sleep. Further, add drinks which have fewer fluids in your meals. Add these items to your meals, use carbohydrates such as boiled rice, plain baked potato, and dry toast. The more severe side effects of the Zofran is constipation, itching, swelling in  the different part of the body, itching on the skin, a disorder of the heartbeat, irregular breath, dizziness, fainting etc.

  • Is Zofran safe for the birth of a baby?

This is another question about Zofran and Pregnancy, which is asked by most of the mothers. Zofran is categorized as the B class medicine which is used in the pregnancy due to its above-mentioned side effects. Class B medicines are not saving to use during pregnancy. But some doctors recommend it to the women who are suffering from the morning sickness. This recommendation is based upon the nature of the woman and it is different for every woman. About 20 % of the women suffer from the morning sickness and 15 % of the women suffer from nausea and the vomiting. Nausea and the vomiting are common among all pregnant women but it can be severe in any case.Can Zofran Effects Pregnancy Latest Guide 2016

Zofran is not safe for both you and your baby, it causes the abnormalities during the growth of the baby. It crosses the human placenta and cause the abnormalities like Congenital heart defects in the baby, Cleft palate in the baby, Kidney Malformation in the baby, Skeletal Defects  of the baby, Fetal growth restriction in the baby, spontaneous abortion of your baby, stillbirth and even cause the death of the offspring.

  • Why is Zofran still manufactured by the Company?

In 1999, Owing to the improper sales of the Zofran, the Food and Drugs administration warned the GSK. This company was blocked and quoted in court for manufacturing such harmful drug. In 2011, this company again appears on the market and announced that they have minimized the amount of harmful material which harms the birth of the baby. The amount was reduced to the 16mg. but later on, they doubled the amount from 16mg to 32mg in 2012.

But later on the was arrested in 2012, GSK was again banned and charged about the $3 billion of the amount to the Department of the Justice for manufacturing this type of medicine and forcing the doctors to recommend this medicine to the pregnant woman. They bribe the physician to recommend this medicine to the woman for the profit. This was the act against the human welfare.

Our Recommendations

We recommend you not to use this medicine and now this is up to you how you want to proceed with it. To get rid of the morning sickness you need to take a proper and healthy diet which matches with your condition. If you can’t take the healthy food and you are unable to digest it then take Zofran because it wills relief you from severe nausea symptoms.Zofran and Pregnancy: Can Zofran Effects Pregnancy?

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