Why Would You Need To Visit Emergency Dental Clinic?

Even if you are following all the strict oral practices, that does not guarantee you will still not be vulnerable to dental emergencies. It can happen to anyone and it can happen anytime. The right approach would be to keep yourself prepared for them. It is not just the oral diseases that would make you visit the dentist. It can be a bad instance too, for example, if your mouth gets injured by an accident, then you might have to see the dentist immediately. That means it would be in your best interest if you have the contact number of an emergency dental clinic with you.

There are some clinics which treat you in case of oral emergencies without any trouble, but not all dental clinics are meant for emergency treatments. You are supposed to make an advance appointment to see the dentist. That’s why the best approach is to always go to a dentist who is ready to provide you treatment in case of dental emergency. These are the clinics that are operating throughout the day for catering the emergency needs of the patients. There are cases which if not dealt on time can cause permanent damage to the teeth. Hence, emergency care is necessary.

When do you Need Emergency Dental Care Services?

Following are the cases when you have to see the dentist right away:

  • Broking fillings
  • Toothaches
  • Denture relining and repairs
  • Painful gums
  • Loose crowns
  • Root canal
  • Broken bonding
  • Avulsed teeth
  • Extraction of wisdom tooth
  • Tooth Infection

It has been observed that the post dental surgery complications also require visiting the dental clinic. For example, if you had an extraction, but you are continuously experiencing pain and it is getting uncomfortable, then you might have to visit the dentist. It is first recommended to take painkillers which usually provide relief, but in case that does not work, you have to see the dentist. Patients sometimes are found suffering from jaw fractures or dry socket which leads them to severe pain.

Working hours?

Most of the clinics offer the same day services in the case the problem can be treated at the same sitting, but there are cases when you have to visit the dentist twice. It is recommended to visit the same dentist even if you have to come for a review after a week. He has treated you so he knows how to take care of your trouble.

Most of the emergency dental clinics are operating outside the normal hours and they are operating on the weekends and holidays too. These dentists treat you as carefully as a normal dentist. They make the patient aware of the problem and explain the symptoms of the problem too. They are well familiar with how to treat a particular trouble so even if you are going to be treated at the same day, they know where to begin with and what would be the best treatment for the patient. The emergency dental clinic might cost you extra money than usual. However, it is an expense that anyone would be willing to bear.

Updated: Nov 27, 2019 — 3:26 pm


  1. Great post! I learned a lot about emergency dental care by reading this article. Thank you for explaining that ” It is recommended to visit the same dentist even if you have to come for a review after a week. He has treated you so he knows how to take care of your trouble.” I have never been to emergency dentist before but it is good to know an emergency dentist can take care of about any dental problems.

  2. I have a rocky history with tooth health, and recently I have noticed a crown coming loose. After reading I know that if it comes loose enough, I should go see an emergency dentist. I’ll make sure to go in if I notice the crown getting loose.

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