Self Ligating Braces, Pros & Cons, Cost, Brands, Ceramic type

What are Self Ligating Braces, pros, cons? What are self ligating cost and brands? How about ligating ceramic type? What is difference between Self Ligating vs Regular Braces?

When we think of the word braces, the image which comes in our mind is metal tags attached on each tooth joined by metal bands or colored rubber bands. These are the basic conventional braces. Self ligating braces are one which do not require any bands or ties. Self-ligating braces are joined by little doors to hold the braces together instead of the bands or ties. These doors are permanently installed and are moveable for comfort purposes.

Self Ligating Braces History

The history of self-ligated braces dates to the 1930s, however, there presence has been in the orthodontic market for some 20 years. The initial self-ligated braces were developed by Dr. Dwight Damon and conceived by Ormco. Those were the most popular ones by name of the Damon System. Another most popular self-ligated braces developed in the 1980s were the Speed Braces. In the past 20 ton 25 years these Speed and Damon braces are responsible for the treatment of millions of patients worldwide. From the year 2002 till 2008 the use of self-ligated braces skyrocketed from 8.7% to 42%.

How do they work?

The self-ligating braces are made from the same material as the conventional braces and are placed in the same way. The only difference is that the conventional braces are joined

how self ligating braces works

how self ligating braces works

together with a band or rings while the self-ligating braces are joined by a specialized clip in place of elastic bands, to help the archwire guide teeth into place. Thus, less pressure is exerted on the teeth as compared to the conventional braces and there are less adjustments because there are no elastic bands in between.

Self Ligating Braces vs Regular Braces:

Less Time: compared to the traditional braces, the self-ligating braces do not need elastic bands, therefore tightening does not occur in teeth. This leads to less appointments and shorter appointments as the elastics are not there for replacements or adjustments.

Less Visible: The self ligating braces are less visible then the conventional braces as the elastics are not there for keeping them joined together. Also in the conventional braces, one has to get all the teeth braced together due to elastics while one has the option of getting only the necessary teeth to be braced with the self-ligating braces.

Comfortable: The self-ligating braces do not have elastics and hence, there is less friction on the teeth. The teeth can also slide and more easily. It also is comfortable in the mouth as the teeth settle down into a better position without pain and discomfort.

Hygienic: The most important thing is hygiene. One cannot properly brush or floss teeth during conventional braces thus the teeth look unclean. In case of self-ligating braces, one does not face this problem as there are no elastic bands in which food particles get trapped, so, easy cleaning of teeth and smile stays clean all the time during the process.

Pros and Cons of Self Ligating Braces

Self-ligating braces has both its pros and cons, so that people can decide what suits them accordingly:


Cleanliness: When one thinks of braces, the first thing that comes to mind is that they are hard to maintain because they cannot be brushed or flossed easily. Hence, residue is always stuck in teeth which looks dirty and is unhealthy. Self-ligating braces do not need the elastic bands, so can be easily brush and flossed.

Confidence: While opting for self-ligating braces, one an easily go about their day to day routine with confidence as they are less noticed. They stay clean and are less visible which improves the confidence level of the person.

Less number of visits: In the case of self-ligating brackets, it needs no elastic bands but just metal clips, so, there is no need to regularly visiting the dentist for the tightening of the bands.

Less pain: As there are less visits and no elastics involved, so it doesn’t cause a lot of pain as there is no taught feeling or discomfort in the mouth.


Cost: when one opts for teeth alignment, he should look at all the pros and cons, and cost is a major issue. Self-ligating braces are more expensive than the conventional braces, but they do offer more benefits. It is up to the person that what he may prefer.

Details: when one goes to an orthodontic for dental issues, he envisions a perfect smile. Self-ligating braces do not have elastics; thus, the minute details and straightening cannot be done perfectly because the clips are loosely set on the self-ligating brackets as compared to the traditional braces which have more tightening in them. In the end stages as the clips tend to slack, the dentist may have difficulty in straightening the minor crooks.

Self Ligating Braces Cost

As compared to regular braces, self-ligating braces are more expensive. The cost is also dependent on every individual dentist, the type of elf-ligating braces and the individual person. How much alignment or straightening a person needs also depends on the cost. If one wants each minute detailing and straightening then, it will be costlier. One should always consider 3 to 4 orthodontics and make a budget plan, then go for braces treatment.

Self-Ligating Ceramic Braces

Self ligating bracket come in metal braces which are just like the normal braces except the omission of elastic bands. The other kind is the self-ligating ceramic braces. These are mostly preferred for cosmetic reasons. The ceramic self-ligating braces are made in the same color of one’s teeth, even the clips or doors used are of the same color. The ceramic braces blend in with the teeth and the other person cannot tell whether one is wearing braces or not as they cannot be seen. Self-ligating ceramic braces are more expensive than self-ligating metal braces, almost double the price, so one can go for it if he or she can afford it.

Self Ligating Braces Brands

There are three most famous and best brands for self-ligating braces. All there are discussed below, so one can thoroughly get an idea about which one to opt for:

SPEED BRACES: Speed braces are a revolutionary form of self-ligating braces that uses advanced technology to straighten the teeth. Speed braces are in the market since three decades. These braces use a spring clip which is an energy storing compound which works like a computer chip. When the dentist places the speed braces on one’s teeth, they give the exact information through the chip that how much straightening the teeth requires. Through this, they exert just the right amount of pressure to slowly and gently straighten the teeth.

DAMON BRACES: Damon braces is the initial self-ligating braces which was introduced. It has the option of metal and ceramic self-ligating brackets. They are smaller than the regular braces and are more comfortable. A thin metal wire is used to join all the braces together, which helps in aligning the teeth perfectly and with less pain.

HARMONY BRACES: Harmony is the latest self-ligating graces invented. They use the highest level of technology. They are part metal and part clear braces which are fixed on the back of the teeth so they are hardly visible. In this a chip is installed which considers how much alignment each tooth needs and then gives the required pressure individually and very gently. The drawback of harmony braces is that most of the dentists do not know how to apply these braces and these are the most expensive of all.


Smile is the most important part of the personality and a beautiful smile reflects the personality of a person and is an important success factor. Through dental surgery and braces one can easily adorn a beautiful smile. The treatments differ from person to person, one should always consult an orthodontist for the beat treatment for that issue. These days the safest and popular is the self-ligating braces but one should study all the pros and cons before getting it done and should always consult an expert first.

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