Sign Of Teething, Symptoms: Starting Age Of Teething

Sign Of Teething or Symptoms – The baby when born has no teeth and everyone in the family was waiting for the small teeth to come out the teething started at the age of about 5 to 6 months. The baby is teething means that the first sets of teeth called the primary teeth are breaking through the germs.

Starting age of Teething:

The teething starts at the age of 6 month but it is not necessary it will strictly started at the age of 6 months it can be any month from 3 to 12. According to dds dentist, when your child reaches the age of 3 years he has all the 20 primary teeth. The lower front teeth came first and then the upper front came out with the break of about 1 to 2 months.

Sign Of Teething (Symptoms of Teething):

There are many signs of teething which are referred as symptoms.

  • Disturbed sleep:

Teething is a painful procedure which makes the baby awake at the night. So If you are finding your baby disturbed and he is not feeling comfortable and did not sleep well, than that must be the sign of teething. Then it is the hard time for the mother she has to get stick to her baby’s bedtime routine and tries to provide him the comfort.

  • Flushed cheeks:

Flushed cheeks is one of the common symptoms of teething, the most of the baby’s cheeks turns rosy red. This is because of the irritation caused by the teething. Along with the redness of the cheeks they also become warm.

  • Chewing finger:

Chewing finger is one of the dominate sign of teething. The baby chews their finger as this provides them relief from the pain of teething, so it has be noticed that baby’s chew the finger to soothe themselves. So it is recommended to keep your baby’s hand clean if they put their finger in their mouth they don’t in take the germs along with that.

  • Swollen gums:

Swollen gums are the sure symptoms. Every baby who is in the phase of teething has a swollen gum. The mothers has to work hard during this period if you rub your finger on the baby’s gums will help him get relief from the pain.

  • Chewing things:

Babies’ loves to put things in their mouth but if you find your baby nibbling anything then it is the symptoms of teething, without any doubt your baby is teething. Try to provide your baby with the rubber ring or carrot to gnaw on this may help your baby soothe their gums.

  • Inconsistence feeding:

Sucking becomes painful for the baby due to the swollen gums. So the baby found it difficult to suck the milk. If you find you baby hungry and he keeps coming off your breast or the bottle then she may be teething. Try to serve your baby with the cold apple pure or the plain yoghurt.

  • Appearance of the tooth buds:

The symptoms or sign of teething also includes the small tooth buds; they just look like the small bumps along with the gums. If you move your finger on that you will find a hard thing that is your baby small teeth.

Updated: Dec 13, 2016 — 9:32 pm
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