Oral and Internal System Connections

What happens in the mouth can influence our body and what happens in our body can influence our mouth.

There is a deep relationship between the oral health and the general health of the human being. The oral health affects the overall internal systems of the body.

There is a connection among oral and internal systems of the body. The good oral health, the good is body and life.

For enjoying the good oral health, you have to take the proper nutrients and daily cleaning of the teeth. The bad oral health, the bad is the body and your life.

So, the oral health is associated with many diseases which can occur in the body. Bad oral health can lead to the formation of the many diseases like:

Bad oral health has been connected with

  • Asthma.
  • Rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Adverse pregnancy outcomes.
  • Osteoporosis.
  • Diabetes.
  • Respiratory diseases.

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Asthma is the disease in which one feels the difficulty in the breathing. The difficulty arises when there is the shrinking in the airways and the manufacturing of the extra mucous in the airways.

Asthma does not cause any harmful effects to the oral health but the medicines that are used for the treatment of the asthma are injurious to the oral health.

It can cause the disease related to gum and the bone. As these medicines reduce the amount of saliva in the mouth and the shortage of saliva cause the disease in the gums and jaw bones.

The dental problems can be avoided by taking some precautions like drinking access of water, use of the toothpaste having access amount of fluorides in it.

Rheumatoid Arthritis

This is the disease related to the tissues. It includes the disorder of the tissue and joint.

The part where the tissue disorder occurred gets swallowed and the bending occurs in that part.

Rheumatoid arthritis mostly occurs in the hand feet and the spine and causes the bending of these parts.

This disease causes the severe impact on the oral health. It causes the bleeding in the gums and the swelling of the bone tissue.

Rheumatoid arthritis itself is a disease and carries some more disease with it. One disease is the cause of the some other diseases.

Adverse pregnancy outcomes

During pregnancy, a mother suffers from the oral health problems. Because of preterm low weight and the medicines used during the pregnancy can cause the disease related to the gums and the bone tissue.

The risks of the preterm low weight can cause the severe oral health problem.


Osteoporosis is the bone related disease which is caused by the deficiency of the minerals from the bone.

The deficiency of the minerals can cause the deficiency of the density of the bone and cause the bone to weak. The weakness in the bone can cause the bending and the crack in the bones.

Medicines are used for the treatment of the bones in order to complete the amount of the mineral in the bones.

There is a binding in the osteoporosis disease and the oral disease. Because the deficiency of the minerals can also cause the breakage and the cracks in the teeth.

It has harmful effects on the oral health because of the deficiency of the minerals. The medicines that are used in the treatment of the osteoporosis have some side effects on the gums and the jaw bone. It can also be a cause of the oral disease.


Our body consists of a number of the cell and the blood that flow into the body is also made up of different cells.

The blood carries energy from one part of the body to another which is required by our body to do work. Our cells need continuous energy to work and this energy comes from the blood sugar.

The blood carries these blood sugars to the different cells and the hormone insulin allows the blood sugar to enter in the cell.

But due to some reasons the blood sugar cannot reach to the cell and the disease occurs called diabetes.

Types of diabetes

There are two types of diabetes.

One Type: Diabetes occurs due to the deficiency of the insulin in the blood. Due to some reason, the body don’t produce the insulin in the blood and can’t facilitate the movement of the blood sugar to the cells which result in the formation of the disease called diabetes.

Second type: Diabetes occurs when the cell itself forms the insulin and prevents the entering of the blood sugar in it. The amount of blood sugar in the blood become large and cause the disease called diabetes.

Diabetes has a severe impact on the oral health of the human being. Because the increase in the level of sugar can lead the atmosphere of the mouth with sweetness and allows the bacteria to attack the gums and tissue bone of the mouth.

Treatment of the oral health is to brush your teeth after some hours and use the toothpaste which contains the excess amount of fluorides in it.

Respiratory diseases

The poor atmosphere of the mouth can lead to the chances of the bacterial attack in the mouth.

Poor hygiene of the mouth can cause the excess of plaque to deposits on the teeth and this plaque enters into the body through saliva and also carries the bacteria with them.

The germs block the respiratory track of the lung and cause the infection there. Reparatory diseases occur in the result of this.

This can cause the disease chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and pneumonia. Both these disease are dangerous to the health and even cause the death of the persons.

Both the disease destroys the lungs which are the main organ for breathing and providing the oxygenated blood to the heart.

By the destruction of the lungs, the man is no more live and say goodbye to his life.

Treatment for this disease should be done as soon as possible so that the germs can’t attack further on the lungs.

Oral health treatment should also be made by brushing your teeth with the toothpaste having an excess amount of fluorides in it.

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