DMD vs DDS: What is the Difference? If Yes Then Why is that?

What is difference between DMD vs DDS or DDS vs DMD?  – According to DDS Jim Ellis, DDS and DMD both are the same, some dental schools decide to choose for students one the other. Even no difference in the amount of dentistry that dentist practice. No difference in dentistry procedures. You can choose any DMD or DDS, both dentists can do same entry level dentistry procedures.

Is there any Difference?


Now the question is that is there any difference between DMD and DDS. Well, the answer to this question is no. There is no difference between these two. No matter whichever program you choose, you will go through the almost same course and will receive similar training. If you have any of the DMD degrees, you can start practicing as the general dentist. The only difference is that DMD is known to be Doctor of Dental Medicine while the DDS is known to be Doctor of Dental Surgery. Most dentists in the Indiana have D.D.S., but what is a D.M.D.?

Educationally difference of DDS and DMD?

What does dds stand for? DDS is an abbreviation of (Doctor of dental surgery).

What does dmd stand for? DMD is an abbreviation of (Doctor of dental medicine).

Actually!! these are the degrees, they both are the same, so no difference exists between them. The student must pass the test of the national dental board of examination to become a professional dentist.

Why the name Differs? (DMD vs DDS)

Now when you know that there is no major difference between these two, you must have been thinking that why their name is different from each other. Well, if you want to know about this, you will have to go back to ancient times.

In old days, the treatment was categorized into two major fields. The first one was treatment through medicine while the second was considered to be the treatment with the help of surgery. In early days, the medical schools were not attached to the universities and the degree awarded to students was DDS.

Later, there were advancements made in the medical field and dental schools got affiliated with various universities. Then, it was also said that many dental problems can be treated with the help of medicine. Thus, the universities started awarding their students with DMD degree as they want them to be known as the doctor of dental medicine.

How long will it take to get the degree of DDS or DMD?

Most of the students get confused from DDS vs. DMD, which degree to choose? So, don’t worry!! Here is the answer. and the answer is both degrees are the same, nothing difference but the name. Usually!! DDS (or DMD) degree takes 4 to 6 years of undergraduate and 5 years of dental school education to become a good dentist.

The student of dentistry should have to complete training and pass out the clinical licensing exam and written exam for getting permission to practice on behalf of the dental board.

To become dental surgeon or orthodontist, the dentist must take part in post-graduate training, this is how dental specialist earns this specialty.

➧ Conclusion

In short, when we consider DDS vs DMD, we find that there is no difference. The single difference that lies between both when we are talking about dmd vs dds is that one is named as a doctor of dental medicine while the other one is known to be a doctor of dental surgery.

There is no other difference and, therefore, you can opt for any degree that you like or think that is more suitable for you. After completion of any of these, you will be recognized as a dentist and can start your general practice without any obstruction.

Updated: Jan 2, 2017 — 10:02 am

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