How Much Do Dental Implants Cost? – Factors Affecting Implant Cost

What is the dental implant? How much does Dental Implants Cost? What will be average cost? What are the factors, that affects implant cost?

If you have recently lost a tooth, from gum disease tooth decay, periodontal disease or any sort of injury, then you have probably considered about being curious about dental implants. Below we have listed some of the real facts about dental implant cost that will help you understand that is dental implants are right for you.

What is a dental implant?

The dental implant is an artificial tooth; it is inserted in the jaw for temporarily or permanently hold artificial tooth in the place. It is significantly made from titanium which is bio compatible with the jaw bone. When you lose a tooth, the bone that helped to give support to the tooth is also lost. Dental implants help stabilize your jaw, by preventing the future bone loss and maintain the jaw bone’s shape. Implants are very convenient alternatives to dentures because they never have to be taken out, and they certainly feel more comfortable and natural in many ways.

Dental Implants cost:

There is no hiding the facts that dental implants are very expensive. A single tooth dental implant treatments range from $1400 to $7500, to know why they are expensive it is very necessary for the consumer to understand they are not buying any product but it is a service. Dental implants are medical devices that are implanted into living tissues. This has the feeling of real blood vessels and sinuses. The placement of the dental implant is both science and art in its  own way.

Average Dental implants cost:

A dental implant is a titanium device implanted in the jaw bone to support or attach an artificial teeth or tooth. The cost of implant treatments depends on the particular factors such as,

  • The amount, quality and location of the bone. Is there is an adequate bone height and width in the area the implant is needed for, then there will be no additional costs, mainly bone is missing or is lacking in shape or in size where it has been removed. It can cost you from many thousands of dollars.
  • How many numbers of teeth you have replaced and what type of artificial teeth would be used, it includes screw retained, fixed bridges, cemented crowns, removable or need complete dentures to stabilize implants. A single implant cost from $4,500 to $35,000. Removable bridges are less costly and fixed ones.
  • The types of implant that will be appropriate, standard implants are normally 2 to 4 millimeters in diameter and 5 to 12 in the length. They typically cost $2000 to $3500 per fixture, and so mini implants are about round in 2 millimeters and don’t need big surgeries or implants they cost $400 to $900 as per fixtures.

These are some of the real facts about dental implants cost. For more information and latest news and updates keep visiting our website.

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Different Factors Affecting Dental Implants Cost

Dental implants were invented by the famous orthopedic of his time. His name was Per-Ingvar Bran mark. He is the Swedish orthopedic surgeon. Nowadays dental implants are considered an important element to complete your personality. It’s a sort of surgery that is used to the replacement of missing teeth.

Dental implant helps the jawbone to work as a natural tooth because it fixes by its own without affecting the others naturals teeth and also give more stability. Now because of the new technology and new inventions in surgical instruments it makes possible that dental implants made up of titanium that further help to fit in with bone without considering any foreign object for the body.

Almost 98% of dental implants are considered success. If you are also facing the problem of teeth losing day by day and thinking about dental implants then the first thing that you should keep in mind that how much does dental implants cost. The answer to this question will be not in a single line there will be numerous factors that you should consider finding the dental implant cost you might face. There are following factors that people might consider when deciding replacement of your teeth through implants.

✚ Location: The cost of dental implants is very efficient with the location you are living. For instance, if you are living in India and want to get dental treatment than your dental implants cost will be lesser than the dental treatment in the US. Most probably it will be ¼th of the cost that might you bear in the US for dental implants. So it’s the best idea for you that to find the second location to complete your dental treatment successfully with low rates.

✚ Peace of mind: Sometimes people give more priority to this factor that is peace of mind, they don’t want to compromise on this thing so they choose the best dentist where they find peace of mind either he will cost high rates they are ready to pay.

✚ Type of treatment: This is also one of the major factors in dental implant cost, what people are doing is not only replacement their teeth with an implant but also want to do other treatments. For instance, if you are experiencing by wearing the denture or partial denture for some years, then what your dentist first do is the bone grafting. And if you are also facing the problem of bone destruction due to any kind of infection then the stage will be the where graft has healed after this stage you will able for the procedure of implant placement. So this is the whole procedure that might be costly because of the material that is used during this process.

Anyhow, these are some factors that give you the idea that how much does dental implants cost. The best thing is the long term smile that you will find after this dental treatment that obviously enhances the charm in your personality.

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