BRBPR Medical Abbreviation (Terms)

Looking for BRBPR medical abbreviation, Term, meaning. BRBPR is a medical word or phrase which is used to define transcript of medicine.

What does BRBPR mean in medical terms? There are two acronyms or definitions of BRBPR abbreviation in a single category. BRBPR meaning changes from one category to another. So brbpr means  “Bright Red Blood Per Rectum”.

Which is usually linked with active colonic bleeding, which happens due to bleeding hemorrhoids. The dark color shows how much it’s bleeding if the color will be darker, which means more bleeding.

See video lesson here.

Haematochezia also called hematochezia (Greek word [αἷμα means blood] & [χέζειν means “to defaecate”]), Which means the flow of fresh blood through the anus. Haematochezia is linked with brisk upper gastrointestinal bleeding and may also happen from lower gastrointestinal bleeding.

If we compare hematochezia and rectorrhagia, rectal bleeding is not connected with defecation;  but which is connected with the suspension of fresh bright red blood without stools.

The abbreviation BRBPR (bright red blood per rectum) is linked with rectorrhagia and hematochezia.

If we differentiate from hematopapyrus (noticed blood on toilet paper when wiping).

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