Symptoms of Brain Aneurysm: How to find Aneurysm in early days

Symptoms of Brain Aneurysm

There are many mysteries in a human head that are still remaining uncovered. But there is one type of disease that has come to the light which has affected a normal person’s head on the regular basis. Have you ever had a severe headache that has no intention to go away, you have eaten medicines take naps but still can’t get rid of them? You might as well thought it is a just minor problem or a headache but in reality, you suffering from the far more vulnerable brain. It is diseases called aneurysm which can remain silent and cause serious effects to your brain. It is very difficult to detect its signs and causes. Today, more than 85% people are experiencing it and still can’t know how to overcome of their condition.

what causes a brain aneurysm

what causes brain aneurysms

That is why below we have listed some real facts about how you can find the symptoms of brain aneurysm that are causing trouble in your head to help you understand what it is, what causes a brain aneurysm
, which is its common symptoms, and how it can be treated in the first place.

What is an aneurysm in your brain?

symptoms of aneurysm in head

Symptoms of Brain Aneurysm

For those of you who don’t know that an aneurysm is a weak spot or area in the wall of a vessel blood which causes it to swell or make it look like a balloon in your head making it difficult to supply blood to the arteries whenever it is occurred it is also called cerebrum of a brain aneurysm.

What causes brain aneurysms?

Now you have know that it will only appear in your brain when the wall of blood vessel is weakened, there are many reasons from where you develop it but you might just not know it yet such as,
1) From your birth
2) Blood vessel is injured
3) Family inheritance
4) Smoking
5) Having high blood pressure
6) Medical problems like, kidney disease

Which are symptoms of an aneurysm in the head ?

Let’s come towards the brain aneurysm symptoms. A person can have an aneurysm without any symptoms which can found with the use of CT scan that is the east part of it. but when an aneurysm is beginning to get leak some amount of blood that can describe as a severe headache and won’t go away then it depends on the location whether it is the open break. Following  aneurysm symptoms head includes

a) Extreme severe headaches
b) Blurry or double vision
c) Back pain
d) Chest pain
e) Lost your consciousness.

aneurysm symptoms head

How can it be treated in the first place?

There are basically, two ways to repair an aneurysm, first is to get a brain surgery and second is to get the clip or cooling to the blood vessels.

Brain aneurysm survival rate

If a person has an unruptured brain aneurysm, then about 1% chance of an aneurysm rupturing per year. A human body affected with “giant” aneurysms will have more risk of rupture. So! Calculation said, The survival rate of patients will be 60%. it’s mean 40% chances to die.

brain aneurysm survival rate

These are some real facts about how you can find the symptoms of brain aneurysm that are causing trouble in your head. If you ever encounter this one then you should seek medical help as soon as possible to prevent it from spreading more in the brain.

Can you see a brain aneurysm on a CAT scan?

CT Scan is the radiologic test which allows for better imaging of the brain. If we compare CT with MRI, MRI does not show the better image of blood in the brain. If bleeding from an aneurysm occur in the brain, CT will show up there, it’s better and safe test.

Can you live with a brain aneurysm?

If a brain aneurysm cracks in every 18 minutes, it’s really dangerous situation. Ruptured aneurysms can be dangerous in 40% of cases. Who survive, around 65% bear permanent neurological deficiency. Around 15% of people die with aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage before moving to the hospital.

Are aneurysms inherited?

They can be connected with the buildup of plaque produced by solidification of the arteries or atherosclerosis. A Aneurysms is also an inherited situation or a complication of high-blood pressure or smoking. A cerebral aneurysm. Also called as a berry aneurysm, this happens in the wall of a blood vessel in the brain.

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