PAD Medical Abbreviation – What does pad stand for?

What does P.A.D Medical abbreviation stand for in medical? PAD Stand for Peripheral artery disease.

PAD is a medical abbreviation, which is commonly used to represent peripheral artery disease. PAD means occlusion or you can say narrowing by atherosclerotic plaques of the arteries. (Not in heart or brain).

This is a disease which is known as Peripheral artery disease, in which arteries are filled with plaque. And that plaque brings blood to your organs, limbs and head. What is Plague? it is made up of fats, calcium, cholesterol and other things in the blood vessel.

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What are the Peripheral arteries?

Peripheral arteries system is a unique system of arteries and veins, (not apply to the brain and heart).

The role of peripheral arteries is to provide oxygenated blood to different parts of the body, and our peripheral veins are doing the different type of job, they lead the ‘de-oxygenated blood’ while getting back to the heart.

What is a peripheral vascular disease?

In this disease, the blood couldn’t circulate to the parts of the body (excluding heart and brain). It happened due to blocked vessels.

The common cause of atherosclerosis is the build-up of fats that make vessel blocked. So, Yes it’s kind of disease.

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