Why you Need Mini Dental Implants?

Mini Dental Implants

Some dentures lead to discomfort ability to the patients. These cause negative feelings for the patients. Losing a tooth is disabling and handicapping for the people. Dental implants are becoming increasingly popular in the modern era. Their placements in anterior mandible provide quality life to patients. It helps in maintaining bone in the jaw area. Traditional dental implants are not always a viable option. There are some reasons for mini dental implants that include;

  • The presence of adequate bones level so they could anchor well.
  • This option is not viable for people whose bones are reabsorbed thus removing most of the space.
  • Bone grafting used for improving bones space.
  • Placements involve long time and invasiveness.
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Mini Dental Implants

Patients can be served better with these replacements and can eliminate many problems. However, this treatment is not always feasible. Now many advanced methods are also available for people.
An attractive alternative to traditional dentures is mini dentures. The size range is between 1.8 mm to 3 mm approximately. While the traditional method is 3.75 mm. Mini dentures can be placed in only one-day duration. Stabilization procedure uses lower mandible for placements. Imaging tools are used for marking a proper place for insertions. Pilot drill develops small holes in the tissues. In these holes, implants are inserted and then tightened to wrenches.

After insertion is completed metal housings are used for fitting dentures. The patient is then instructed for proper care. Patients are able to experience a change in dentures retention in a single day. Minimally invasive procedure is used for insertion. Old dentures can also be used for this purpose saving patients money.

Hygienist’s role in educating patients and providing intensive care

Hygiene plays an important role in the entire process of denture placements. The whole placement procedure is conducted by the dentists. Hygienists should also have a good grasp of knowledge about the procedures. People usually complaints about discomfort, restlessness, and sore spots and face trouble in eating etc. This leads hygienists to collect information relevant to the placement procedures so they can figure out how to reduce all problems resulting from placements. Typically there is no part played by hygienists in the procedures, their role is to provide care to the patients. Care involves proper brushing and flossing. For some cases, hygienist also recommends electric toothbrush. This is helpful for patients having dexterity issues. They can brush teeth in less time.

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A check up is required after every six months. Patients have to consult good dentists during this period. Patients who have undergone dentures placement must be able to take good care of the appliances they are using. Any delay in check up can cause many problems to the patients and the treatment process also slows.

Improved quality of life

mini dental implants

Improper placements can cause many problems including discomfort and insecurity. If people are not satisfied with their mini dental implants they will be less confident and have problems in their social lives. Hygienists can educate patients about the best procedures for placements and provide them stabilization option.

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