How Long Does it Take to Become a Pharmacist Worldwide 2016

How Long Does it Take to Become a Pharmacist? What Pharmacists do? What are the pharmacist education requirements? How much do pharmacist make (Salary).

Pharmacy is the branch of science which deals with the study of drugs and also the synthesis of the medicines; it includes many traditional services, modern services, clinical services examining the medicines for protection, and provides information about the drugs. Traditional services include compounding and dispensing medications; modern services include health care. The experts on the drugs are called pharmacists. How long does it take to become a Pharmacist? Follow our guide.

What are Pharmacists?

A pharmacist is a person, who is qualified to make and distribute medicinal drugs, they are also known as a chemist who is concerned with a healthcare professional and is applied in pharmacy.

They work in the field of health sciences which is concerned with the effective use of medication for the patient.

The questions arise in our mind that how long it takes the time to be a pharmacist which degrees or qualifications are required to be a pharmacist.

They also go through the university life for getting the knowledge about biochemical mechanisms and actions of drugs, uses of the drugs and their side effects.

Sometimes, we are taking a medicine to cure one disease but due to any reason it reacts medical and can cause another problem, so pharmacists are responsible for lessening the side effects of the drugs in other to keep the health of the people in their mind because they are working for the benefits of the people.

Educational Requirements to become a Pharmacist

A professional degree is important for choosing a professional field to be an expert in any kind of study you must have a complete knowledge of that thing in all aspects so is the case with being a pharmacist. To be eligible for being pharmacist following educational requirements must fulfill:

  • The student has to pass the Matric exam with science subjects.
  • The student has to pass Higher degree in Biology or chemistry (Its necessary).
  • To be a pharmacist, You should have passed Four-year master degree in the pharmacy (Must).
  • The pharmacist must get 1 year of practical training to become a good pharmacist (Must).
  • After all, Pharmacist must have to pass PCP Test by GOVT. its is required to become registered pharmacist.

When a student completes his pharmacy degree, Govt. conduct a PCP test for pharmacy students. Students must pass out this test to get licensed from Govt.

If a student failed once in PCP test, then he/she could have one more chance to pass it out, And this means

Pharmacy students just have 2 chances to clear this particular test.  Nowadays, Govt gives a great opportunity for students to learn pharmacy at home, its best opportunity for those students, who can’t go out home for some reasons.

So!! easy for students to get an education by sitting at home. Interesting to know that, you just need two things, a computer and internet connection to get training online.

What Work Pharmacist does?

A pharmacist is responsible for the manufacturing of the medicine in a safe environment for the sake of the health of the people.

They are trained and provided a license to the skillful person who are responsible for providing basic vaccine providing proper amounts of medication to patients, staying up-to-date with trends in the industry, etc., these prescribes the medicines and assist the physician.

Pharmacists are not only for filling the prescription but also for promoting health awareness and contributing to the improvement of the community.

The demand of pharmacist is increasing day by day because the ratio of sick people is increasing which in result increase the demand for medicines in the world especially the developed and underdeveloped countries.

Pharmacists can work according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, 43% of the pharmacists are hired by pharmacies and drug stores. 23% of the pharmacists are hired at hospitals and clinics.

The rest of the pharmacists can be seen working in department stores, general stock stores, and in the grocery stores.

Career Development

Licensing is the major step for completing a complete professional degree, like another profession it is also a paying profession and demand for the pharmacists is increasing in the countries like United States, United Kingdom, Tanzania, Switzerland, Sweden, Poland, Pakistan, Nigeria, Japan, Germany, Canada and Australia. These countries also provide the facility of training to the pharmacist to make them an expert.

According to the bureau of labor statistic the income of the pharmacists is $56.09 per hour. They have both facilities of the grossing and as well as they get free medicine and other health facilities like their family get free treatment.

The growth rate of the pharmacists is increased approximately fourteen percent from the 2012 to 2022 statistics.

There are many factors which are affecting the growth of the pharmacists, one of these are the increase in the population of the world and the second one is the increase in the diseases among the people, like Dengue fever, malaria etc.

For being a pharmacist is a tough job because any carelessness can bring the people to the stage of the death so they must have to be careful while performing their duty and this job depends on how much you are skilled and what is the level of your interest, it means if you are not paying attention to your job then I will harm your career and as well as the life of the patient who will use your medicine.

So, they must have to be up-to-date regarding the medicine and its effects which it is launched in the market and other information regarding the industries. In Pakistan, it is not considered a respectful profession as a contrast to being a Doctor. In some underdeveloped countries it is also not a respectful profession because the ratio of the people dying from taking wrong medicines is increasing, so, we should inspire them to prevent these happening so that they properly concentrate on their work with interest and inspiration.

I hope you got the idea how long does it take to become a pharmacist. If you have any kind of confusion, Let us know.

Pharmacists Salary

Pharmacy is a professional course, so which means Pharmacist salary will a good one.

The annual salary for a pharmacologist in April 2012 was around $116,670, and which means $56.09/hour.

They charge higher per hour than average they get paid.

Almost every pharmacy clinics open 24hours a week. a pharmacologist might have to work day night and weekends as well.

The 10% of low grade are earning a great pay at $89,289 /year and $42.92 /hour.
The top 10% of druggist are getting $70.14 /week or $145,910 /year.


An organization Obamacare takes over the USA and medical study extend to improve, So! pharmaceutical production industry will grow.

Apothecary like Baby Boomers will need more prescript prescription, Which means Obamacare will have to write more scripts if more people will register under it.

This reflects the increase in prescriptions and gets more deliberation with patients.

According to Bureau of Labor Statistics told us that profession is assumed to rise 14% by 2022.

States don’t ever provide the full view. If we talk about numbers, it is around 42,400 pharmacist jobs by 2022.

Questions & Answers

Q: What to study to become a pharmacist?

Answer: Pass out bachelor’s degree (BS) HONS (4 YEAR) to apply to pharmacy university/college.  It’s necessary to pass the pre-pharmacy course, which includes Bio, Math, Chemistry, Sociology, Physics, and anatomy.

Q: How many years of college to be a pharmacist?

Answer: 3 to 4 years of undergraduate pre-pharmacy course, and then 4 years in pharmacy degree. Thus!! you can say it takes around 8 years of college study to become a pharmacist.

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