Five Weeks Pregnant

Five Weeks Pregnant – Pregnancy is the time period in which woman grows an off-spring in it for the nine months; a woman gets pregnant when she has a sexual relationship with her partner. This is very valuable time for the mom and as well as the baby, for the confirmation of the pregnancy you should have to perform the pregnancy test. Women find different ways to ensure their pregnancy some buys a complete pregnancy kit to test their pregnancy; some perform online testing while seeing the symptoms of their pregnancy and some perform a homemade pregnancy test to ensure their pregnancy. There are some symptoms during pregnancy which are listed below and can be different from woman to woman. We have provided the five weeks pregnancy situation. From one to five weeks pregnancy condition is described below:

Five Weeks Pregnant Steps


In week one you eventually don’t know about your pregnancy, in the first week you feel the symptoms of the pregnancy but don’t know surely that either you are pregnant or not? But at the week one, there are a lot of the change occurs in your body and in your offspring. In the first week, the brain, heart and the spine of the off-spring are formed. Take nutrition and healthy diet during the first week.


In week two your body shows the sign of the early pregnancy. Your body feel the burden of the pregnancy and your baby grows rapidly at the second week. Sometimes, the spotting takes place during the second week which seems like the regular period. At this stage, the sex of the body is decided. Taking all the essential vitamin and minerals are important for the growth of the body.


In week three you are well known about your pregnancy. The meeting of the sperms and egg results in the formation of the ball of the cells called blastocyst. Blastocyst starts to move to uterus from fallopian tube. Blastocyst attaches it to the lining of the womb and remains there for the nine months. Blastocyst grows itself into a baby after the period of the nine months. At this stage, the egg carries forty-six genes, half carry from the mother and half carry from the father.


In the week, four your baby grows in size but is less than the seed size. In this week, the embryo divides into three parts: one part contains the nervous system and the brain and second and the third part of the embryo contain the heart and the circulatory system, lungs and intestine of the baby.


In five weeks pregnancy you babily grow into the size of the orange fruit, it grows up to the size of the five millimeters. At this stage, the heart and the brain occupy the space in the sac. At this stage, you will observe the heartbeat of your child clearly and can also monitor it under the ultrasounds. It is now able to take the blood and other nutrients from mother and begin to breathe inside the sac.

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