Dog Teeth Cleaning: How to take care of your dog’s teeth?

A pet having healthy teeth means a pet having better breath. Dental diseases can generate problems for a pet. Dog teeth cleaning are highly important. Dogs become comfortable in cleaning teeth with time. A dog cannot use human toothpaste. Most of the human toothpaste is made of fluoride and fluoride is poisonous for dogs. There are now many pet stores that are selling dogs toothpaste.

Some problems emerge from retained baby teeth. A regular dental care is needed for healthy teeth. When dogs to cross the age of three mostly suffers from the periodontal disease. When plaque is built, it can cause periodontal disease. So it is important to clean plaque on the regular basis.

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Signs of Dental Problems

For a healthy mind and sound health, brushing is necessary, the Dog teeth cleaning should be done on daily basis. If you notice that the following signs are fulfilling by your dog then do brush your dog’s teeth or can bring him to the vet:

  • Bad breath
  • Change in the habits of the eating and chewing
  • Depression
  • Swelling of the gums
  • Bleeding of gums
  • Paws at the mouth
  • Yellowish teeth and broken teeth
  • Excessive drooling
  • Missing of the teeth
  • Growths of material or bumps in the mouth

Consequences of not cleaning

When dogs don’t get their teeth cleaned up, they can lose their teeth. This can cause terrible pain and other health problems too. Dogs are strong so they don’t express pain. Regular dental checkups can examine the actual dental condition of dogs.

A dental disease can result in bad breath, pain, and tooth losing. The bacterium that develops from the infectious tooth is capable of traveling through the bloodstream where it can cause infection to different body organs. The time bacteria develop it must be removed in order to prevent further damage.

The plaque and tartar are harmful to the teeth and mouth. These should be removed the moment they develop in the teeth. Dental cleaning treatment can remove plaque and tartar. Its removal provides dogs to have healthy breath. Anesthesia is used in severe dental problems that lessen the pain.

  • Home dental care

Dental care that is provided at home can prevent severe dental complexities and provide healthy teeth to the dog.
The study reveals that all pets suffer from periodontal disease by the time they reach the age of 3 years. This is a disease that develops progressively it affects the tissues surrounding the teeth and if not getting treatment causing tooth loss. If your dog is suffering from the bleeding of the gums and pain then you should avoid the use of the crunch food. You should use the soft food instead of crunch food.

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  • Bacterial action

This disease develops when bacteria are building and it combines with the small food particles present in the mouth. This develops plaque in the mouth. After days minerals present in saliva combines with a plaque and form a tartar. Tartar is a harder substance and it adheres to the teeth. The bacteria is still working in the gums and developing gingivitis. Gingivitis is a condition causing inflammation of gums. The supporting tissues are then damaged by the bacterial action. This condition is referred to as periodontal. The changes resulting from gingivitis and periodontal give rise to periodontal disease. The bacteria can further travel to the blood stream and affect different body organs including heart, kidneys and lungs.

  • Dental cleaning

The only way to get rid of tartar is professional veterinary dental cleaning. When tartar is removed, the supportive tissues are also protected preventing any severe damage. Gingivitis is reversible it can be cured with dental treatment. Periodontal disease is not reversible. So the best way to treat this disease is the prevention of developing periodontal disease. Proper dental checkup for dogs accompanied with adequate dental care provided at home along with dog teeth cleaning can eliminate the chances of developing such disease.

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  • Advanced dental care

  There are two main things in the advanced dental care: one is the care of root canals and other is the care of the crown. Vets take care of the above-mentioned part which is not properly cleaned in the simple cleaning. If you do not take care of these sensitive parts then your dogs might get the teeth braces in the future for better and cool smile.

How often should you Brush your dog’s Teeth?

The brushing should be done on the daily basis for a healthy mind and sound health it is necessary. The things that you should keep in mind are as follow:

  • Do the Dog teeth cleaning, when he/she is calm and happy.
  • Make a routine or timing for the brushing of his/her teeth.
  • Clean the teeth and the mouth with the special dogs toothpaste.
  • Do not use the human toothpaste for the cleaning of the teeth of the dogs because they include the fluorides in it which are harmful to the health of the dog.
  • Use the prescribed toothpaste for the dog which is easily available in the pet store.
  • If your dog has healthy teeth and gums then you can brush him/ her after every three days.

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Dog Teeth Cleaning Cost

How much does it cost to have your “dog’s” teeth cleaned? People consider dogs as the part of their family; they spent money on them as they do with their children. They take care of the health of the dogs. It is their duty to spend money and time on the Dog teeth cleaning. The average cost of the simple cleaning of the teeth of the young dog ranges from $ 200 to $ 300 US dollars. The average cost of the “simple cleaning” of the teeth of the big and older dog ranges from $ 125 to $ 350 US dollars. The average cost of the deep cleaning of the teeth and the tooth extraction of the young dog ranges from $ 400 to $ 700 US dollars. The average cost of the deep cleaning of the teeth and the tooth extraction of the big and older dog ranges from $ 350 to $ 750 US dollars.


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