Cutaneous Candidiasis – Candidiasis of Skin and Nails

Candidiasis of Skin and nails causes armpit rash, skin yeast infection, yeast infection rash and itchy on our skin. On the living organism, there live a number of microorganisms which includes fungi bacteria etc. some of them are useful to the human body and some of them are harmful to human beings. Bacteria and fungi live and grow on the human and get their food from them. Some of the skin and nails infections are caused by the fungi and bacteria. A fungus that causes the candidiasis of the skin and nails is known as candida fungus. This fungus grows on the skin and causes the infection, redness on skin and itching on the skin. This infection occurs in the part of the body in which folding occurs. It occurs due to wearing the tight jeans, tight cloth, wet cloth, and with wet diaper which has been wearing for a long time. The fungus that causes the infection of the nails is known as the candida Albanian. This can occur in the feet or hand nails. There are some symptoms and the treatment of the candidiasis of skin and nails given below:

yeast imbalance on skin

yeast imbalance on skin


Candidiasis of skin:

The major symptom of the candidiasis of skin is the appearance of the reddish spots on the skin. It usually occurs when the body is contacted with the moist and warm environment. Mostly, it occurs in the babies which are packed in the diaper for a long time. The long time packing helps the fungi by providing them a moist and warm atmosphere to grow and cause the infections. The candida fungus is the cause of the skin infection.

Candidiasis of Nails:

The infection caused by the fungus in the nails are called onychomycosis, the main symptoms of the candidiasis of the nails are the appearance of the yellow streak on the side of the nail. Sometimes, these nails look black due to infection. Sometimes, the scaling occurs in the nail or the ends root of the nail moved upward. The infection can cause the complete damaging of the nails. This infection can be caused by the bacteria as well. It turns the whole nail into black color.


  • Candidiasis of skin: The treatment of the Candidiasis of skin is done by giving the proper dry atmosphere to the part at which the infection occurred. This infection can be prevented with the home remedies like the washing of the infected part regularly and dry them. If you are visiting the doctor then he will give you an anti-rash cream for the treatment of the infection.
  • Candidiasis of Nails: The treatment of the Candidiasis of nails is not so proper. If the doctor makes the treatment of the fungus nails then it again grows after some time. So the best treatment for the curing this infection is to plug out the nail from the root. When the new nail grows on that finger, then it will fungus free and healthy. The infection caused by the fungus is cured faster as compared to the infection caused by the bacteria on the nail.
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