Blackheads In Ear – Get Rid Of BLACKHEADS Inside Ears (In Ear Canal & Behind)

Why painful Blackheads behind, inside, in ear, canal, appears in adults and children? What causes blackheads in ear or inside ear? How to get rid of them overnight?  What are symptoms and treatment with video?

Which are also called open comedo. Blackheads are the small thuds that grow due to blockage of hair follicles on the skin. They are named as blackhead because they look black and dark. Blackheads are formed if your follicles are blocked. They are composed of the dead skin and skin oil which excrete from the sebaceous glands. These both components combine on the opening of hair follicle and form blockage. These are also called come done.

blackheads in ear image

blackheads in ear image

Acne grows in different parts of the skin, mostly it grows on nose and ears. The blackhead that grows on ears harms the cartilage, earlobe, ear canal and listening power. They appeared inside and outside of the ear where there are no hair follicles.

What are the causes of blackheads in ears?

Blackheads are shown if your follicles are blocked. They are composed of the dead skin and skin oil which excrete from the sebaceous glands. This problem is with everyone, men, children, adults, and women. There are some factors that are responsible for the production of the blackheads as well as acne.

  • Production of the Extreme skin oil.
  • The growth of propionic bacterium inside your ears.
  • A layer of dead skin on the hair follicles cause the irritation and cause the production of blackhead.
  • This kind of acne grows due to mutation during menstruation.
  • Use of the birth control pills increase the production of skin oil and block hair follicles.
  • Taking the medicine like lithium, androgens etc. Which can cause the blackheads in ears.
  • Some food that contains excess oil can cause the this.
  • Cold drinks and dairy products can cause the blackheads on ears.
  • Excessive take of carbohydrates, the lipid can cause the open comedo on ears.

Who gets affected by blackhead in ear?

Women or men can be affected by this thing even children and adults can be damaged. You have to look causes of blackheads in ear. Some people have a different type of acne, some have oily skin.

How to remove blackheads from ear or how to get rid of blackheads from ears?

They blocked ear pores and make you ear dirty because they are easily visible. They grows on ears harms the cartilage, earlobe, ear canal and listening power. They appeared inside and outside of the ear where there are no hair follicles.

If you are suffering from the blackhead problem then don’t worry because we have mention 4 easy and the best way to remove blackheads from ears. But note that these

big blackheads behind ear (gaint) image

big blackheads behind ear (gaint) image

methods may prove harmful if you apply them inside your ears so be careful while practicing these methods.


Here are Best methods for the removal of blackheads:

Come done extractor tool

This is the fast method to remove the blackheads from your ears, this is called the blackhead extractor. It extracts them easily and fast from the skin without damaging the skin. You can also take the professional help to remove them or can ask for the checkup that blackhead has been removed properly or not.

Over the counter medication

The OCT medicine that contains components such as benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid or resorcinol are used to treat and prevent the excessive secretion of the skin oil, dead skin, and growth of bacteria.

You can also apply a retinol to the area with a cotton on the affected area and move it in a circular manner. Retinol stops the dead skin cells from growing in your pores and stops blackheads


Some blackheads are not easily removed from the ear, and this happened in the serious conditions. Microdermabrasion is recommended in this condition, your skin is sanded with a rough surface to get rid of blackheads. This is also a fast method for serious problems and provides a fast result.

If blackheads are inside the ear canal then try to scrap your ears from the expert or ear specialist because a little mistake can finish your hearing power.

Home Remedies for removing Blackheads from Ear

Follow the home remedy for the removal of blackheads from ears but this is only applied to the outer part of the ear.

Cleanse your ear with a mild acne wash

Cleanse your ear with an acne wash to remove the wax, dead skin, dirt, and oil. Wash your ear with warm water. This process helps you to see clearly the blackhead you want to remove.

Blackheads Removal with blackhead extraction tool

Blackheads Removal with blackhead extraction tool

Put on warm compress

Put on a warm compress on your ears. Apply force against the blackheads with the warm washcloth for 2 to 3 times. This process makes the pores to expand and to lose the blocked material from the pores.

Immerse the blackhead with alcohol

Take a cotton and immerse it into the alcohol and apply it on your blackhead to spay and kill the germs. Alcohol helps to kill the bacteria and give you a clean and clear surface.

Crush the blackhead

After cleaning the skin with alcohol, wear sterilized latex glove and apply pressure on the blackhead side with the index finger. Take a tissue and move it upward and downward direction until all the blocking material and affected skin is removed. After rubbing, blackheads and other material come out. Wipe it with a clean tissue.

Apply an anti-acne cream

After the complete cleaning of the ear, apply the anti-acne cream. The anti-acne cream helps the pore to shrink and prevents the bacteria from entering in the pores. You can also use the tea tree oil as an alternative. Apply this oil for overnight.

Ways to prevent ear blackheads

It is not easy to remove the blackhead from the ear because it is a very sensitive part. No one can guarantee they were removed permanently. But we can avoid them by following methods:

Always keep your ears

Keeping ear clean prevents the blackheads to form. Clean your ear after every bath and remove the earwax regularly. This help to remove the excess oil, wax, and dead cells.

Clean ear skin

Use a cotton ball sticks into the ear canal and clean your ear skin with a soft cleaning product like hydrogen peroxide with water to remove dirt, ear wax, and dead skin. You can also use salicylic acid for ear canal cleaning. A lotion like Biologique Recherché Lotion P50W is also helpful for removing top skin layer.

Open your pores with warm water

The easy method to prevent the blockage of pores is to place a warm washcloth on your ears for 5 minutes. It removes dirt, earwax, and dead skin from the ear.

Avoid dirt to stay in your ears

Most germs and bacteria are transferred through our hands, so stop touching again and again to your ear. Always clean the hand frees and cell phone before sticking on the ear. They can also cause the blackhead problems.

Avoid Oily products

Oil is the major cause of the growing the blackhead. So, avoid using oil causing products like lotion, sunscreens. And also take care or your hair and use good products for hair because they can also cause blackheads on your ears.

Blackheads in ear Video

This is a Youtube video, which is showing you how you can remove or extract blackheads with help of black head extraction tool. You should watch full video to get better results.

Do blackheads are painful to my ear?

Black-heads types vary and it depends upon the condition of it that it is painful or not.the blackhead formed by the reaction of the bacteria are big and painful. It is not obvious that black-head grows in the outer ears, they can also be formed in the ear canal. In most cases, people have blackheads in the ear canal and it is not easy to clean the blackhead from it. And in the ear canal, dead skin gathering are high.

If the black-heads grow in your ear canal than its treatment is possible by the dermatologist. If your pimple causes pain more than you can apply a warm cloth to soothe the pain and take a pain killer. In most cases, people have black-heads in the ear canal and it is not easy to clean the blackhead from it. And in the ear canal, dead skin gathering are high.

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