Benadryl Dosage for Kids By Weight (With Chart)

Benadryl Dosage for Kids By Weight (With Chart)

Benadryl is used to reduce the symptoms of the allergic in the child. Benadryl dosage for kids depends on the weight, not on the age of the kid. It is useful medicine during an allergic reaction. Benadryl is also available in the form of generic Diphenhydramine is an over the counter antihistamine for using in the allergic reactions. This medicine should be given to your kid according to the prescription of the Doctor. Use only that amount which is recommended by the doctor. But if you want to know that how much amount of Benadryl should be given to the kid then follow the instructions given below:

The following is the Benadryl dosage chart for baby

Child’s weight  Liquid Benadryl Benadryl chewable Benadryl tablets
Below 22 lbs. Consult a Doctor Consult a Doctor Consult a Doctor
22 to 28 lbs. 3.75 ml Not recommended Not recommended
29 to 41 lbs. 5 ml 1 chewable Not recommended
42 to 55 lbs. 7.5 ml Not recommended Not recommended
55 to 83 lbs. 10 ml 2 chewable 1 tablet
83 to 110 lbs. 15 ml 3 chewable 2 tablet
110 lbs. above 20 ml 4 chewable 2 tablet

Tips to keep your Kids safe from Benadryl Overdose

Benadryl is the sedative which should be used with care and keep the Benadryl dosage for the kid in a balanced state. Following are the tips which help you to avoid overdosing:

  • Give Benadryl after every six hours as needed.
  • Don’t exceed four doses in 24 hours.
  • Don’t give Benadryl to children under 1 year without consulting your doctor first.
  • Always read the label first, as different medicines have different concentrations.
  • Always use the measurable device such as dropper in order to avoid the overdosing.
  • Use the dropper that comes with the medicine.
  • Don’t use the spoon from the kitchen or other droppers from the other medication.

Note: You can look above to find a safe use of Benadryl dosage for children.

Factors that affects the dosage of Benadryl

Following factors affect the dosage of the Benadryl.

Limitation of Age: The major factor for the dosage of Benadryl is the age limit. Don’t use the Benadryl for the children who are less than 1 year. You should consult the doctor first in this situation. The reason is that the Benadryl dosage for kids under 1 year causes the sleepy condition.

If your child is suffering from the cold then you should not give him any dosage because there are no proven results for the using Benadryl in cold condition. If your child is under 4 and is suffering from allergic then we recommend you to make a tour to the doctor first. Above the age of 6, you should use Benadryl with one ingredient not many.

The dosage of Benadryl: The dosage of Benadryl totally depends on upon the weight of the person. Before giving the dose of the Benadryl, you should measure the weight of your kid and then find the amount of dosage that you will give to your kid. Benadryl is available in the three forms: Liquid Benadryl (12.5 mg), Benadryl chewable (12.5 mg) and Benadryl tablets (12.5 mg).

Dosing cycle: The dosing cycle should be repeated after every 6 hours. You should give the prescribed amount of Benadryl after every 6 hours. Don’t make the extra use of Benadryl because it makes your brain sleepy and can cause any other problem for your kid. So, Benadryl dosage should be according to the prescription of the doctor or according to the weight.


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