Veneers Before and After: How it is Done?

The thin shells made of medical grade ceramic that is usually attached to the front surface of teeth are known as veneers. These presents smile transformation. These are crafted specifically for patients according to their requirements. These are the cosmetic enhancements that use advanced materials giving the appearance of natural teeth. It is used for cosmetic corrections that include teeth whitening and adjustments of orthodontics. People often look for veneers before and after to determine how and what changes veneers can bring.

Veneers before and after images

Veneers before and after images


In the modern age, they have become popular. They were first used by film people to give the most attractive appearance. Actors used it for enhancing their personality as beautiful white teeth add elegance to personality. They used false fronts for getting stunning smiles and this fashion became a trademark in the film industry.

Modern technology

Today modern technology has added many changes. Advancements have made these artificial teeth more convenient and lifelike. Same day restorations are also possible enabled by digital imaging systems. This technology can be combining with teeth whitening and dental crowns for more beautiful looks.

These artificial teeth are only applicable for people having healthy teeth and healthy gums. Patients having issues of tooth decay and other gum diseases are not good with artificial teeth. This replacement is a permanent process, once patients use veneers they can’t take these off. For this purpose the layer of enamel is removed completely and then porcelain is attached.

Veneers Before and After Pictures

To learn you more about veneers, we inserted few pictures and few more pics remaining part of the post.

what changes veneers can bring

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Veneers Before and After: pictures

Veneers Before and After pictures

This procedure is the permanent one and can’t be replaced. A skilled cosmetic dentist can determine if the patient really needs this artificial enamel or not. Only people with healthy teeth can choose this option. Unhealthy teeth cannot undergo such procedures. Patient’s suitability for this procedure is also checked by the dentist. Patients who don’t qualify for this method are given alternative solutions that suit them. Porcelain is very strong and durable they can cause replacements to break off.

A survey conducted by British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry revealed that around 26 percent of total pollution had gone through cosmetic surgery. After teeth whitening the second popular option for people is veneers. These can be destructive and painful. Also, it incurs high costs on patients so not everyone can afford this option for attractive teeth. These can provide instant transformation. These are not like fake nails that can be replaced at any time. These are inserted on the permanent basis and can’t be replaced. Patients should decide wisely and reconsider many times if they want this transformation for the lifetime or not.

Veneers pros and cons

The teeth which are not in the proper shape, or cracked or discolored or have some kind of infections through the bacteria, can be improved by the porcelain veneers. Some veneers are real and know the cost of the patient smile and responsible for giving the smile to the patient. They provide you the following results and satisfaction. After getting the knowledge of the pros and cons, you will be careful about the veneer before and after the treatment.

Pros of the using Porcelain veneers

 Following are the advantages of getting the porcelain:

  • Improved Appearance of the Teeth

The good porcelain veneers are responsible for enhancing your smile. Porcelain is made up of the semi-translucent ceramic which is used by the veneer to improve their teeth and the smile. It simulates the natural enamel of the teeth which is difficult to succeed with other materials.

  • Resistance to the stains

Veneer has its specific property that allows it to resist against the stains. When you apply the porcelain veneer on the teeth then you don’t have to worry about the color of the teeth. You can eat anything without any fear. You can use the drinks such as coffee, wine, tea etc.

  • Time Duration

When you do the proper care of the teeth then the porcelain veneer can last up to 20 years. It is better and it time duration is larger than the composite veneers or the artificial agents.

  • Choice of color

The choice of different color is another advantage of the getting the porcelain veneer. It is designed separately for the patients. You can choose the color that you like or that matches with your teeth. The color of the veneer does not fade it is guaranteed.

  • Immediate Results

Porcelain is easy to shape, and can be used as an alternative to the braces treatment. The cost of the veneer is approximately equal to the braces treatment. Its results are immediate. You don’t have to wait for years to see your beautiful smile.

Cons of the using Porcelain veneers

The things that have advantages can carry the disadvantages too. Following are the disadvantages of getting the porcelain:

  • The increase in the sensitivity

The method of the porcelain includes the removal of the enamel which is responsible for the increase in the sensitivity of the teeth. The sensitivity of the teeth: hot and cold increases.

  • It is irreversible Process

Once you have done the porcelain coating then the there is no way to step backward. When it is placed in your mouth then it can’t be re-shaped. A lot of care is required during the placement of the veneer. It should be carefully used because the broken veneers are difficult to remove.

  • Danger of Shock

When the veneer is placed then the small amount of the enamel is removed which can lead to the shock or Trauma to the teeth. Before this treatment, it is advised to discuss it from the orthodontist that how much amount of the teeth should be removed.Sometimes teeth have to be shaved and enamel is stripped for the ceramic porcelain. People want to improve the appearance of their teeth.

It is not primarily concerned with dental problems but with the looks of the teeth. The procedure is not permanent but reversible. People are fascinated due to the youthful look they add to teeth. People who grind their teeth for this purpose are likely to face more recurring problems. These are not suited well for people having poor quality enamel or those who face chances of erosion. Too much shaving of teeth for placing enamel can leave teeth weak and in very bad state. You must be careful about veneers before and after and take all necessary steps to prevent the problem from increasing.

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