Teeth Gap Bands Before and After, Price, Do they Work? How to Use them?

Are teeth gap bands safe? Do tooth gap bands or orthofill bands work? If yes, how to use them? What are prices or cost? Check out, before and after pictures and reviews.

Smile! The most beautiful feature on your face. A beautiful smile can lighten up anyone’s day or bad mood plus gives a feeling of warmth and comfort. A perfect straight teeth smile is also associated with your confidence level and for success in your career prospects.

A smile with gaps in between your teeth can lower your own confidence level and make one try various ways and invest to make their teeth straight and gapless. Let’s have a deep look what tooth gap bands are?


A gap between two teeth mostly the front teeth which is noticeable is known as ‘Diastema’. People normally have gaps in their teeth but if the gap is wide, it may make the smile less attractive and thus lowering the self-confidence of the person.

A teeth gap band are just small elastic rubber bands which are used to close the gap between the teeth. These elastic bands are also called orthofill bands.

Do they work?

The effect of these teeth bands is different for different people. They are said to close the gap easily and efficiently if the gap is not very wide, but if the gap is wider then it may take many days for the gap to become closed and may even cause problems for the teeth.

This solution is not permanent because it causes the teeth to come together forcefully and after the gap is closed, it is created again after some time when you stop using the bands. For that, once the gap is closed you may have to get a retainer fixed by the dentist.

How to Use Teeth Gap Bands?

The process is simple, one just has to stretch the bands and place them on the two teeth whose gap needs to be closed just like tying something. As the bands are stretched they cause the teeth to be pushed towards each other.

The elasticity of the band causes the gap to be closed. One has to wear the band overnight for around 30 days or till the gap is closed. The bands will cause a little pain and irritation because of the pulling effect.

Types of Teeth Bands

There are many companies which have started producing the teeth bands which are dentally approved but they may be costly. Nowadays it has become a trend in the teenagers to close the gap themselves using stray rubber bands or hair bands.

Some people have also uploaded YouTube videos about how they used hairbands and closed their gap. But it is strictly advisable to not use hairbands as they are not safe and can cause severe tooth problems, they may have worked for some but can create vice versa scenarios for others.

Teeth Gap Bands Price or Cost

Usually, 1 pack of teeth bands consist of 100 bands inside it. The price of 1 pack is $6.99 with free shipping. It is more affordable and with good quality. If you will Buy 2+ packs and receive one pack of teeth whitening strips and floss free of charge. Buy from below button.

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Teeth Gap Bands Before And After


 These are images of Tooth Gap Bands.


Another patient image, you can see clearly gaps are filled by bands.


This image is a reflection of improvement from teeth bands.


These Orthofill bands are really helpful to make your teeth look better.


The major side effect of these teeth ortho fill bands is that one has to be careful in its placement because if it slides towards the gums or is near the gums it may cause bleeding and damage to the gums.

The teeth are an important part of the mouth for a bigger purpose that is to chew and are aligned in a way.

The dental procedures to straighten teeth using braces or other means are slow so as to not disturb the alignment of the teeth and not cause any damage.

Teeth gap bands cause a fast movement of the teeth and Moving teeth too fast, or at the wrong angle, can cause permanent damage to the nerves and delicate.

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