Power Chain Braces – Purpose, Varieties and Results

Power Chain Braces – Purpose, Varieties, and Results

The power chain braces  are the elastic material which is O-shaped that grasps your archwire to each brace, these chains are connected together in order to provide support to your teeth, these chains are applied to your teeth and form the continuous band from one teeth to next teeth. Some orthodontist recommends ligatures and some support power chain instead of ligatures. Both the ligatures and power chains can be used at a time but it depends on the requirements.

What is the purpose of power chain braces?

The question arises in our mind that what is the purpose of using power chain and why experts prefer it? The answer to the question is that they are used to fill the gap among your teeth. They apply extra force to bring your teeth closer to each other faster than anything else. If you need the removal of your teeth then power chain perhaps helps you in future. It is applied on teeth for a specific time. Your orthodontist may keep these chains on your teeth in order to make an assurance that the treatment has done right without any problem.


Power chains are present in different types in the market like ligatures. Ligatures are also present in different varieties, but power chains are much better. Power chains are of different colors: coffee, tea, red wine and most extra curry. By observing these all colors we have concluded that the best power chain colors are “smoke” and “silver”. Blue and light blue colors are also good. But they fade down after sometimes when you brush your teeth.

There are three major and different types of power chain according to the shape. I have described them in following ways:


These structures are used according to the shape of your teeth, and your doctor will decide this that which fits better on your teeth.


how braces works.

When these chains are first applied on your teeth then it causes pain at starting, and you have to use soft food at the start for precaution. But with the passage of time you pain lost and you do not feel pain, and you can eat anything of your desire. If you had had these chains before then, your pain lost within a week. See different types of braces and their results on category of braces.

How much time should you wear power chain braces?

The question arises in our mind that for how many periods should we have to wear this chain? The gaps between your teeth will close after a specific time. The time is different for every person, some feel changes so rapidly. Some experience changes after four to six month or more.

You should make a regular checkup after a specific time. Your doctor will make the measurement by the instrument of your gaps in the teeth. Sometimes you feel amazing changes in your teeth. While, at other times, you don’t even realize the progress of your treatment.

Does a power chain hurt?

It will hurt for first few days. If you got your power chain just now, it will hurt you for first few days. Because the chain is pulling your teeth together and closing gaps. But after some days, it will not hurt you more. So!! go breath 😛

How long does it take for braces to close a gap?

It depends on some factors. In my case, it took 5-6 weeks to close gaps between teeth. You should take ibuprofen before going to the orthodontist, and eat some meal as well.

After the gap has been closed then it is time to remove these power chain braces. It is a very tough task to remove it and it pains more.

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